DTC’s Gas turbine products are mainly heay industry Gas turbine cooperated with MHPS.In the DTC and MHPS long-term joint efforts,DTC's F-class gas-steam combined cycle unit is widely praised in the industry, with the largest domestic market share and operation performance. Among them, DTC Electric M701F4 gas turbine has a market share of oer 45% in the domestic market. Up to now, DTC Electric has achieed 73 F-class units, of which 57 units hae been put into commercial operation. The units are stable and reliable in operation, with excellent performance, which is well receied by the industry and is the most successful F-class unit in China. Currently, DTC is committed to deeloping 50MW gas turbines with independent intellectual property rights.

Type H100

Type M701DA Gas Turbine Introduction

Type?M701F3 Gas Turbine Introduction

Type M701F5 Gas Turbine Introduction

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