Solar thermal power generation
DTC deeloped China's first high-power photothermal steam turbine, with the largest number of project orders in China and the richest experience in steam turbine deelopment among domestic peers. The existing products coer different unit forms and different steam parameters, laying a technical foundation for further increasing the steam turbine power leel.
50MW class turbine
100MW-200MW class turbine Based on the technology of 50MW units, the research and deelopment work of 100MW, 125MW, 150MW and 200MW units has been carried out.

On the eening of June 30, 2018, China's first high-power solar thermal power station was connected to the grid for the first time.


Technical Route

Project Name


Slot-heat conduction oil

CGN-Delingha 55MW Solar Thermal Power Generation Project


Slot-molten salt

Gansu Aksai 50MW solar thermal power station


Tower- molten salt

Hami tower- molten salt? 50MW solar thermal power station


Slot-heat conduction oil

Yumen 50MW solar thermal power generation project


Linear Fresnel

Dunhuang 50MW solar thermal power generation project

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