DTC’s nuclear power steam turbines hae powerful functions and reliable performance. At present, more than 19 sets of nuclear power steam turbines hae been put into commercial operation. All units hae shown excellent operation performance and hae reached the international first-class leel. DTC improed gradually and formed abundant products of half-speed and full-speed nuclear steam turbine generator sets by continuous exploration and innoation of nuclear power turbine technology for more than 20 years. The products power range is from 25MW up to 1900MW, the steam inlet pressure is form 3MPa-13MPa, and the steam inlet temperature is from 240℃ up to 480 ℃. Therefore,them can be used to equipped with adanced small reactor ACP100, HHP25, third-generation nuclear reactor EPR, CAP1400, Hualong one, and fourth-generation sodium cooled fast reactor CFR600 and so on.
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